20 years

EN 14534

Measuring the Quality of Postal Services

The purpose of Standard EN 14534:2003 is to define a system for measuring the quality of postal services within a competitive commercial context. The measurements are designed to assess both the transit time and the quality of services provided to the customer. The Standard sets out a set of minimum requirements for the design of a bulk mail service quality measurement system.

The standard EN 14534: 2003 concerns:

  • Postal services.
  • Quality of services.
  • Measurement of service transit time from end to end.
  • Measurement of transit time of first category parcels.

The standard examines all the methods used by each company for the timely and valid delivery of parcels, through a representative sample that includes all types of mail, including letter mail, advertising mail, magazines, newspapers, etc. In this way continuously improves its services.

Finally, the standard EN 14534:2003 ensures that the measurement will be done in an objective and equal way for all operators, in accordance with the requirements of the directive 97/67 / EC on the postal market.

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