20 years
Sustainability Criteria System in the Biofuel Supply Chain

Certification according to ISCC EU is certification based on specific sustainability criteria. It covers the requirements of Directive 2009/28 / EC (Renewable Energy Directive) and concerns the entire supply chain of biofuels.

The basic legal framework is the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) 2009/28 / EC, which sets a target of 10% use of renewable energy sources in transport by 2020. In addition, specific sustainability criteria are set for biofuels, with the main achievement being a reduction greenhouse gas emissions by at least 35% in relation to fossil fuels.

Target Audience:

It concerns all parameters of the biofuel supply chain and in particular:

  • Central collection points (eg used frying oils).
  • Biofuel processing and production plants.
  • Merchants - warehouses.

These biofuels can be:

  • Waste of biological origin, e.g. used frying oils, animal fats, fish oil, etc.
  • Agricultural origin.
  • Animal origin.
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