20 years



Aristi Consulting assisted Ellogon AI starting August 2021 up to May 2022 in obtaining a CE certification under the IVDD. Main deliverables where a QMS system according to ISO 13485 and a completed Technical File.

Aristi Consulting combines in depth knowledge on regulatory frameworks with a hands-on attitude. Aristi showed the ability to help us implement all requirements to obtain CE certification and not only offer advise. Having worked for software companies themselves, the Aristi team worked with our team as one to create a tailored implementation for our company. I would strongly recommend working with Aristi Consulting on implementing regulatory frameworks.


Robert A. Kuipers, CEO

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The information and instructions from your company and especially from the Head Consultant Mr. Synodinos was complete. It helped us significantly in the correct prioritization of the objectives of our laboratory, in the detailed analysis of the procedures that we had to follow, in the implementation of the certification project and in the understanding of our obligations and duties. My colleagues and I had an excellent collaboration with Mr. Synodinos, who with great patience, trained us, organized us, and guided us properly, so that we could respond to the inspection and finally our laboratory could be successfully certified. Thank you very much.

Our collaboration with Aristi Consultants began in the fall of 2006. They introduced us to quality using patience and methodology and successfully led us to certification in October 2007.

Today, after 8 years of constructive cooperation and after the third successful inspection, our cooperation continues, because in addition to a valuable consultant, we have a helper and a friend by our side in every difficult step.

In conclusion, knowledge in the hands of intelligent people, becomes a lever of development and progress for themselves and their partners

Organizing your staff and adhering to precisely written procedures of the ISO 22000:2005 standard is much more difficult than complying with a HACCP. Aristi Consultants managed to turn the difficulty of complying to the ISO 22000:2005 standard into an easy route by professionally adhering to the schedule. It also understood our needs and through courtesy and friendliness led us to successful certification.

We thank you very much.

Christoforos, I personally and the staff of KTEO feel the need to thank, first of all you personally and Aristi Consultants for the really valuable, services you have offered us and our excellent cooperation to date, since our company has gained significant benefits for its proper operation.


Dear Mr. Synodinos,

With this letter we would like to thank you warmly for your valuable support in the work of the Institute of Molecular and Biomedical Research (IMBE). The Certification of IMBE in the fields "Development and Provision of Educational Services" & "Development and Implementation of Scientific Project" is a very important step for the quality achievement of the goals of IMBE.

Excellent cooperation with Aristi Consultants at all levels. I would like to emphasize the decisive role of Olympia Argyropoulou, whose special ability in interpersonal relations and her excellent training in her subject contributed significantly to the completion of this project.